The vision of IMC consists of four pillars:


hOuse of Prayer

The first pillar stands as a House of Prayer that will begin on a limited scale. Jesus said, “My House shall be a house of prayer for all nations”. The “HOP” reality is a place of interaction between the worship song and prayer. In the beginning, we will have monthly Friday night encounter services and strive to maintain a daily worship and prayer settings. We believe that from the place of unity in the spirit, and through worship and prayer, we can provide the best covering and launching place for all other ministries.  


Simple Church

The second pillar stands as a simple, life-giving church that loves God, loves others, and propels people to be instrument of His Glory by fulfilling the Great Commission. We believe God wants a radical church that will not leave the anointing at the doors of the church, but will be radical in ushering in His Kingdom in every sphere of society.   


Small Groups

The third pillar stands as a micro-church organization.  This includes small groups that will empower people to be filled with Holy Spirit, cultivate confidence in their identity as sons and daughters, and walk with His favor and anointing in their individual, God-assigned area of life.  We are convinced that it is within these assigned areas of influence that we will see the next great revival.  This ministry will spread across church boundaries to become a micro-church experience.  Theses groups will be made up of like-minded individuals who strategize how to best impact their assigned sphere of influence and usher in God's Kingdom.     


leadership restoration

The fourth pillar stands as a restoration centers for leaders.  Our team has spent much time with leaders from around the world helping them to be healed, delivered, restored, and re-fired to their assigned mission.  We will successfully release the Father Heart message with much impact. Commonly, spiritual leaders in the church have very few places to safely open their hearts and deal with normal issues we face in ministry and everyday life as followers of Christ. So in order to be continuously refreshed, IMC leaders will find ministry teams that will listen and lovingly walk them through healing and restoration back into ministry.  

This ministry will take place in Palm Harbor, where leaders will stay and encounter Jesus in a fresh way. Here, they will enjoy a venue of 900 acres of leisure and fun that inlcudes 4 golf courses, 5 swimming pools, bike trails, and only a 25 minute drive to the beautiful beaches of Clearwater. IMC will offer continual coaching opportunities as follow up in both life and ministry.





Pastor Rodney Henderson- IMC

Pastor Eddie Taylor- FDM

Pastor Rich Stevenson: President of Malachi Network